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Whether you're considering a paediatric career or are in the middle of your training pathway, we're here to support you. Read our guides to support your training, including the curriculum, assessment tools and ePortfolio. Have a voice through your Trainees Committee. And, browse other resources and news for trainees.
From recruitment to certification...this is your handbook. It covers your annual review of competence progression (ARCP) and the varied options for your training.
Also known as Supervised Learning Events, these workplace-based assessment support your development and indicate possible improvements.
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With your educational supervisors, you'll use this online tool (on the 'Kaizen' platform) to record all learning and monitor your progress through the curriculum.

Paediatric training and redeployment during COVID-19 surges: key principles

1. Future - Training maintained as long as protected | 2. Fairness - All specialties and grades in an org should be part of solution, incl consultants & LEDs. | 2. Wellbeing - As much notice as possible for redeployment. Minimal disruption to leave, working patterns,| 4. Safety - Safety of patients and staff safeguarded. No trainees moved into a position where their health might suffer. | 5. Efficiency - If activity is reduced so trainees are supernumerary to patient care, those groups be redeployed first.


As omicron causes a new surge, redeployment of trainee paediatricians to adult services may become necessary again. The difference this winter is that paediatric services are themselves under considerable pressure. Our guidance describes the principles that should minimise disruption.

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Wewill introduce a new two-level, run through specialty training programme, ensuring it is flexible, fulfilling and fit-for-purpose. Explore our FAQs, best practice maps and updates from the College and members.

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