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Whether you're considering a paediatric career or are in the middle of your training pathway, we're here to support you. Read our guides to support your training, including the curriculum, assessment tools and ePortfolio. Have a voice through your Trainees Committee. And, browse other resources and news for trainees.

COVID-19 and trainee progression through 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented disruption to training and assessment in paediatrics in the UK. We know that trainees will understandably be anxious and have many questions.

Our guidance covers ARCPs, the disruption to rotations and working patterns, and more - and links to further information about developing capabilities around the curriculum, our exams and START.

From recruitment to certification...this is your handbook. It covers your annual review of competence progression (ARCP) and the varied options for your training.
Also known as Supervised Learning Events, these workplace-based assessment support your development and indicate possible improvements.
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With your educational supervisors, you'll use this online tool (on the 'Kaizen' platform) to record all learning and monitor your progress through the curriculum.

Training resources

RCPCH Progress

How do trainees use the curriculum in their everyday practice. Watch their quick videos and read case studies to explore how you can evidence against the curriculum domains.

Training news


What is the point of Multi-source Feedback?

Have you ever had a comment that made you worry, or changed the way you practice? The RCPCH and University of Cambridge are recruiting participants for a research study to explore the ways in which paediatricians use Multi-source Feedback and the data that it gives them. This video explains how t...

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