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We provide guidance on applying to specialty training at ST1 and at ST3, academic training and training in one of our 17 sub-specialties. We have information about opportunities in the UK for international doctors. Plus guidance on recruiting consultant paediatricians in the NHS.
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Most doctors enter paediatric training at Specialty Training 1, or ST1, starting their posts in August or September. This is known as 'National Round 1'. Applications for 2024 are now closed.
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ST3 posts may be available at two points in the national specialty recruitment calendar. Applications for ST3 posts starting in August/September 2024 are open until 7 December at 16:00.
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All paediatricians play a part in research that benefits infants, children and young people. Academic posts enable some trainees to focus on research - and our toolkit and regular events give support.
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Sub-specialty training

All paediatricians start their training in general paediatrics. Some choose to apply for one of the paediatric sub-specialties (previously known as 'Grid').

Applications for 2024 sub-specialty posts are now closed. 

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Recruiting consultant paediatricians

The Advisory Appointment Committee (AAC) is an interview panel for NHS employers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland appointing to substantive consultant posts. We provide guidance for employers and for members acting as the College Assessor on these panels.

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The MTI(p) scheme provides paediatricians from outside the UK / European Economic Area two years of high quality postgraduate training in the NHS. Graduates can use this experience to improve patient care in their home countries, and UK hospitals benefit from their skills and knowledge.
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The IPSS facilitates GMC registration for eligible medical graduates from outside the UK / outside the priority nations list for MTI(p). Applicants need to enter UK posts with a sufficient training/educational component and organise the right to live and work in the UK.
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There are several options for international doctors who wish to come to the UK to work in paediatrics, whether on a short-term or long-term basis. We provide information, including finding work in the NHS, visas and GMC registration.

News about careers and training


Sub-specialty training applications open – here’s what you need to know

Paediatricians starting their specialty training (from ST5) in 2024-25 may apply for one of 16 sub-specialties from Wednesday 25 October. We have detailed guidance to support trainees through the recruitment process. And this year there’s an update for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nut...

Paediatric training in “Norn Iron”

Dr Christine Sloan is an ST4 in Northern Ireland, where training experiences include "endless opportunities... to fulfill our aspirations".
President's blog

Moments to celebrate and share - President's blog

Camilla talks of the enthusiasm and kindness shared at our Membership ceremony and gives an update from her recent visit to Nepal. She celebrates news about our #ChoosePaediatrics campaign and positive steps in recruitment as well as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion work.

Your journey into paediatrics begins here - preparing for the ST1 interview

Applications for next year's Specialty Training 1 (ST1) posts in paediatrics open in late October, with interviews in early 2024. It's not too soon to start your prep, and our Officer for Recruitment and Trainee Representative for Recruitment have teamed up to give you essential updates and tips.