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Whether entering specialty training at Level 1 or at specialty training level 3 (ST3) or 4 (ST4), looking to join paediatrics from outside the UK or applying for a sub-specialty or special interest module - here's all the information you need.
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Most doctors enter paediatric training at Level 1, predominantly starting their posts at ST1 (in August or September). This is known as 'National Round 1'. Applications for 2022 posts are closed as of 1 December (16:00).
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Each year, we also offer training posts at specialty training levels 3 and 4. This is known as 'National Round 2'. Applications are open from 18 November (10:00) to 9 December (16:00).
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All paediatricians play a part in research that benefits infants, children and young people. Academic posts enable some trainees to focus on research - and our toolkit and regular events give support.

Sub-specialty training

All paediatricians start their training in general paediatrics. Some choose to apply for one of the paediatrics sub-specialties (sometimes known as 'Grid').

Applications for 2022 are now closed (as of 17 November).

News about careers and training

Whether you're just starting to consider a medical career or are ready to start your application for specialty training, explore our guides, members' blogs and videos to see how you can #ChoosePaediatrics.