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No two days are the same for a paediatrician. That's the thrill and the challenge of the job. Paediatrics can sometimes be tough, but it's always rewarding. There's no job quite like it—#ChoosePaediatrics.

"It is always an exciting time to enter paediatrics"

We asked some paediatricians about their experiences and what inspired them to #ChoosePaediatrics. Here's what we found out:

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Thousands of children and young people have been sharing with us their ideas, hopes and wishes for “the best doctor possible”. You can see a summary of what they had to say!
If you're at medical school, why not join your paediatric society, a friendly group of fellow students interested in the specialty! We work closely with UK Aspiring Paediatricians Society, connecting these groups and sharing ideas.
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Most doctors enter paediatric training at Level 1, predominantly starting their posts in August or September. Recruitment is now underway this year, but applications for posts starting in 2022 will open later this year, and you can find more guidance on this website.

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"Such a privileged job..."

We asked eight paediatricians to share their motivations for choosing paediatrics and what being a paediatrician means to them - watch our video from autumn 2019.

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