RCPCH President election 2023

Be a leading voice on child health policy, paediatric practice and training as our next College President. Applications are open until 10:30 am 4 October.
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We are now inviting eligible members to apply for the role of RCPCH President. As the public face of the College, our next President serves as the leader of our membership. Someone who will work in partnership with Trustees, committee and council members, external stakeholders, and others to shape and oversee the delivery of the College Strategy. Most importantly, they will champion child health. Learn more about the role, eligibility and the election process.
Camilla Kingdon - 2col
"Being RCPCH President has allowed me to meet people from around the world, allowing me to learn about topics and issues I would never have previously considered. I have grown and developed as a person in ways I never anticipated. Serving as President is an extraordinary experience and quite unlike anything else I have ever done professionally."
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Whether you are considering to apply for President or you have questions about how to cast your vote, find your answers here.
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Here is what you can expect from this election process and how eligible College members can cast their vote.
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Find out who sits on our leadership team, learn more about impact on child health and read our Annual Review.
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Treasurer and other roles

We are also recruiting another senior College Officer who has the skills and energy drive our goals forward. Applications are now open for Treasurer. This is a vital role at the heart of College decision-making with oversight of issues such as risk and how we fulfil our charitable objectives.