RCPCH good standing requirements

This policy details the requirements for an RCPCH member to be in 'good standing'. This is a requirement for application to all College posts. This version was agreed by RCPCH Executive Committee, September 2018.

1. A member of the College will be in Good Standing if he or she:

  • (i)  is compliant with General Medical Council Good Medical Practice or the equivalent national standards documents for their area of practice; and
  • (ii)  has paid in full all membership fees and subscriptions due to the College; and
  • (iii)  is participating in revalidation and CPD in accordance with General Medical Council requirements (and without prejudice to the foregoing, a member of the College is unlikely to be in Good Standing if his or her responsible officer determines he or she is not engaging with revalidation via submission to the GMC of either a non-engagement recommendation or a non-engagement early concern).

2. A member of the College, who wishes to be considered for election or appointment as an officer of the College, member of Council or member of a board, committee or working party of the College, must declare in writing to the Registrar on the form provided by the College if he or she:

  • (i)  is convicted of a criminal offence or accepts a police caution;
  • (ii)  is currently the subject of any proceedings (which includes arrest, charge or bail) which might lead to a conviction;
  • (iii)  has been subject to any determination at any time by the General Medical Council or any other body responsible for the regulation of a health or social care profession to erase or suspend him from that body’s register or to impose conditions on his registration with that body or to any other finding by such a body adverse to him;
  • (iv)  is currently the subject of any investigation by the General Medical Council or a body referred to in paragraph 2(iii);
  • (v)  is aware of other issues regarding their conduct which would have a strong likelihood of posing serious reputational risk to the College if they were to become public;
  • (vi)  is on the Sex Offenders Register as a result of conviction of a disclosable offence;
  • (vii)  is not fulfilling the revalidation and CPD requirements of the General Medical Council, either in relation to revalidation or Good Medical Practice (where licence to practise is not applicable).

3. A member of the College shall not be in Good Standing if he or she fails to make a disclosure as required by paragraph 2. Any such disclosure shall not disqualify a candidate from standing for election/appointment; but the disclosure may be shared with those responsible for the election/appointment. By applying, candidates consent to the use of their personal data for this purpose.

4. If the post being applied for is a Trustee post, a member will not be In Good Standing if they are for any reason disqualified from acting as a Trustee according to the criteria set out by the Charity Commission – currently at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/charity-trustee-disqualification . (These criteria will also apply to non-members applying for Trustee posts.)

5. Being in Good Standing is a precondition for being nominated/self-nominated for many College posts. When a Member or Fellow puts themselves forward for a College post, the relevant conditions for Good Standing will be checked by College staff.

6. Expressions or words used in the Royal Charter incorporating the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health or the Bye-laws of the College made pursuant thereto shall have the meanings there defined.