Aims of the College

Our mission is to transform child health through knowledge, innovation and expertise. Our vision is a healthier future for children and young people across the world.
RCPCH strategy, with infant, child and young person at core

Our mission

  • Make the health and wellbeing of infants, children and young people the core of all we do.
  • Ensure every paediatrician has the knowledge, expertise and support to promote child health and to care for infants, children and young people with health needs.
  • Make a measurable contribution to improvement of health and wellbeing of infants, children and young people in the UK and across the developing world.
  • Inform, influence and shape policy and practise so that UK health services provide high quality, safe and sustainable services for all children in all settings.

Our strategy

  • Empower children and young people to be able at the centre of their health decision-making -ensuring that their voice informs and influences our activity.
  • Support members across their professional life, providing them with leadership training and tools to enable them to lead and influence workforce and service planning and delivery in their practise setting.
  • Increase development of medical students and foundation doctors in to paediatric training posts and ensure future paediatricians have the knowledge, skills, creativity and flexibility to positively influence, and to continue to deliver, safe and high quality paediatric and child health services.
  • Set training and lifelong education standards for paediatricians in the UK and enhance the quality of education and training for paediatricians overseas, and the wider child health workforce.
  • Support development of high quality integrated commissioning of child health service across the UK and inform and challenge emerging new commissioning structures.
  • Inform, influence and shape policy and practice so that UK health serives provide high quality, safe and sustainable health care services for all children in all settings.
  • To make a measurable improvement in global child health and match UK child health and wellbeing outcomes to the best in the world.

You can download our full College Priorities and Strategy document at the bottom of the page.

Our key areas of work

Training, exams and professional development - We are responsible for the postgraduate training of paediatricians in the UK, provide career support and run the membership (MRCPCH) and Diploma of Child Health examinations.

Improving child health - We aim to improve outcomes through research, standards, quality improvement and policy, in the UK and globally. We aim to ensure the voice of children, young people and families in our programmes.

Member services - We support our members with a package of unique benefits. These include access to multidisciplinary educational programmes, including face-to-face courses and e-learning resources.

News and campaigns - We engage with the media, government, NHS, charities and other stakeholders, working across the UK - Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England.

About 180 members of staff work across five key areas (divisions) in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.