Clinical leads development programme

A portfolio of events and support for current, new and aspiring paediatric clinical leads and clinical directors of children’s services. Participants may join the full programme, or any individual event in any order.


The programme and topics are based on what clinical leads have told us they need, and which are not readily available within their own Trusts or other networks.

While there is a range of generic or Trust-based leadership programmes covering these issues, our programme links participants with paediatricians in similar roles across the NHS, adding specialist topic knowledge and experience, complementing Trust-based courses.

Each event brings together paediatricians in similar roles to foster peer support facilitated by expert topic presentation and sharing of practice examples.


The programme delivers confident, knowledgeable paediatric clinical leaders able to sustainably manage and lead their team to ensure the best outcomes for children and young people.

Paediatricians leading clinical services need to be equipped with a framework of competencies and knowledge to deliver the best from their teams. These include:

  • leadership
  • human resources
  • financial management
  • service improvement
  • communication and negotiation skills
  • policy and legislation.


The programme is semi-flexible. Each event has capacity to accommodate any urgent needs of participants and reflect the current NHS climate. It can host a maximum of 30 participants, so there is opportunity to engage with the speakers and facilitators.

Before each event, we provide a workbook with generic background reading. This helps ensure you are fluent with factual material.

Each event builds on this knowledge with a mix of expert presentations, case studies, self reflection and facilitated discussion with peers.

We can signpost to other resources or areas or specialism. We follow up any actions and requests arising from each event, and share the findings among the delegates.

Between events, participants benefit from access to materials, resources, contacts and advice through a web-based forum on Compass, the College's learning management system.


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