Northern Ireland

Members working in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland are represented at College Council by the Officer for Ireland - find out useful contacts and activity on your College region's web page

Volunteering opportunity

Assistant Registrar - Volunteering Opportunity

Closing date
The role of Assistant Registrar is designed to assist the College's Registrar. The Registrar is on of the College's Senior Officer posts and a Trustee of the College.
Volunteering opportunity

Officer for Genomics - volunteering opportunity

Closing date
Genomics Working Group provides subject expertise, strategic and decision-making responsibility for the College’s activities and position on genomic medicine. The College is currently seeking for Officer for Genomics to lead the Genomics Working Group.

Mental Health Advisory Committee

This committee is responsible for providing expert advice on the College’s work on children and young people’s mental health in the context of paediatric services. It works to influence policy, respond to consultation documents and guidance and guide the College’s work and national advocacy on child...

Equal protection from assault in England and Northern Ireland: Prohibiting physical punishment of all children

In England and Northern Ireland, children are the only group of people not fully protected in law from physical assault. Our recommendations demonstrate to Government policymakers both the practicalities of removing the 'reasonable punishment defence’ from law and the appropriate next steps to reduc...

Paediatric rota gaps survey 2024 - about this project

We are asking College Tutors across the UK to complete a survey, or ask their relevant colleagues to do so, about rota gaps in their Trust or Health Board. The data collected will give us a better understanding of rota gaps in paediatrics and reasons. We can use this information to support our membe...