Members' voices on our 25th birthday

To celebrate 25 years of RCPCH, 25 members each share a story about a case that has stayed with them. We're publishing these blogs throughout summer 2021.
Picture of Dr Lisa Finlay
Lisa Finlay's patient had an irresistible energy and a force of optimism. When illness started to cast a shadow, this young man showed her that the important things of life are really simple: love is enough.
Dr Pramodh Vallabhaneni
The crash call went off late at night, and a team started resuscitation on a three-month-old baby. As registrar Pramodh Vallabhaneni focused on his task to speak with the parents, and months later, they express their gratitude.
Picture of Dr Cheryl Battersby
Data from every baby admitted to NHS neonatal units supports crucial research. We owe it to our patients and families, says Cheryl Battersby, to learn from their stories and keep searching for the answers.
Dr Camilla Kingdon

When she left medical school, Camilla Kingdon knew she never wanted to do Paediatrics. But when she started working in the specialty in a busy London hospital, the variety, the teamwork and the huge range of ages and stages to deal with were a total revelation.

She tells the story of Charlie and his family.

Picture of Dr Dal Hothi
Dal Hothi 's young patient had developed renal cancer, twice, and both her kidneys removed. With the support of her family, she was treated with home haemodialysis, and for a while dreams changed.
Picture of Chris Bidder
From day one in medical school, prospective doctors are taught the importance of history taking, and listening to your patient. Chris Bidder has some questions on how doctors can best do this.
Picture of Dr Tom Waterfield
Serious infections in children often don't look serious initially - and they're not missed due to negligence or poor training. We need, says Tom Waterfield, to find a middle ground.
Picture of Dr Neha Sharma
Moving from her home in India, Neha Sharma's first days in an NHS hospital in north west England were full of puzzles, but a trusting bond with a family left a deep impact.
Picture of Prabhu Rajendran
Communication is fundamental in the doctor-patient relationship, and caring for patients with limited English can be difficult. Prabhu Rajendran finds ways to reach those who can't understand what we say.
Picture of Dr Shilpa Shah
At seven years old, one of Shilpa Shah's patients has low power in the left side of his body, but that doesn't stop him climbing in the clinic room! What other job offers so much happiness?
Serena Haywood
Sometimes, even with the best preparation, you have to take that leap into the unknown. Serena Haywood writes about how to trust people who are there to care.
Stephen Cronin
As he approached retirement, Stephen Cronin was asked at his last appraisal for a word to sum up his career. The answer was obvious: privilege.
Una MacFayden image
Children and parents need us to be the doctors who take children seriously, writes Una MacFadyen, and be genuine partners in learning what matters for their healthcare needs.

Their President, Professor Shaman Rajindrajith, reflects on the relationship between the two Colleges over the past quarter century, and of the country's achievements in improving child health outcomes.