College Tutors

The College Tutor is the RCPCH representative in the NHS Trust. Each Tutor has a duty to keep up to date with our standards in education and training, new educational initiatives and changes to the curriculum, examinations and assessments. Find out more about what a Tutor does - with more detail in our downloadable guide - and how they are appointed.

About your role

As the RCPCH College Tutor, you are the paediatrician responsible for postgraduate medical education in your NHS Trust.

There have been major changes in the structure of postgraduate paediatric training and education. These have led to increased expectations of College Tutors by the College, Deaneries/LETBs (Local Education and Training Boards), NHS Trusts and trainees.

Today's Tutor needs an increasing amount of time. To make sure they can adequately carry out their role, we strongly recommend Tutors receive 1 PA (programmed activity) per week. At larger Trusts, Tutors may wish to appoint a deputy Tutor.

The Tutor needs a wide range of skills and experience. They should have a strong interest in education and an ability to effectively network with colleagues in the Trust and the Deanery/LETB.

The details of working arrangements within the Trust, including liaison across Trust boundaries, need to be appropriate to the local situation and agreed with colleagues.

You can download The RCPCH College Tutor Handbook: a practical guide for new and aspiring College Tutors below.

Length of term

The term of office is three years, with the option of a further extension of two years, dependent on agreement from all parties.

After completing a five year term, Tutors may re-apply for the role.

Specialty Tutors

Many Deaneries/LETBs now participate in appointment of Specialty Tutors through a formal process.

Specialty Tutors hold a contract with the Deanery/LETB. In these cases, the Specialty Tutor can be the nominated RCPCH College Tutor for that Trust or constituency, provided that this is a joint appointment of the Deanery/LETB/Trust and RCPCH with a RCPCH representative on the panel.


The interview panel should represent all parties with a legitimate interest (Deanery/LETB, Trust and College). The following constitution is suggested:

  • Head of School of Paediatrics or his/her appointed representative
  • RCPCH Regional Lead/Deputy Regional Lead or Training Programme Director
  • Trust Medical Director or Deputy or the Postgraduate Clinical Tutor.


New College Tutors are invited to a welcome meeting at the College, where they will meet the Senior College Tutor and key staff, learn more about the role and common challenges, and find out what support is available. All Tutors are encouraged to attend:

  • Either of the Paediatric College Tutor Days, usually held in London in the autumn and repeated with a similar agenda the following Spring
  • College Tutors session held at RCPCH Conference and exhibition

We strongly recommend you attend suitable updates and other relevant courses held by RCPCH, Deanery/LETB and other bodies.

For information on upcoming College Tutor meetings see our events listing.

Your toolkit

We have compiled useful resources to support you in your role as College Tutor - freely available to download and use at your own sites. They cover RCPCH Progress curriculum, assessment and examinations and supporting trainees in difficulty, as well as resources from past College Tutor days.

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Change of College Tutor

Please notify us of a change of College Tutor by completing and returning the form below.