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We comprise the College's press office, public affairs function, campaigns activity and national offices in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our aim is to raise awareness and increase the influence of the work of the RCPCH amongst key audiences - from policy and decision makers, to journalists and the public.

We work closely with teams across the College to promote projects, reports and policies, ensuring they reach the right the people and have the policy impact they deserve.

We also lead public facing campaigns on core child health priorities, including obesity, immmunisations and child poverty - working with a range of other organisations to give our activity maximum exposure.

Members are central to our work, and we engage with College members to equip them with the relevant skills to communicate with the media and key decision makers. This includes providing free media and public affairs training to members throughout the year.

The team also includes the RCPCH's national offices based in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

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