Professor Sir Cyril Chantler

James Spence Medallist

Year James Spence Medal awarded: 2005

Cyril Chantler GBE studied at Cambridge and Guy’s and trained at Guy’s, Hammersmith and Great Ormond Street. While at Guy’s, he and Norman Veale devised a method of measurement of glomerular function in children. He later researched diet and growth failure in children with renal impairment after working in San Francisco, and was appointed paediatrician at Guy’s.

He became the Principal of the United Guy’s and St Thomas’ Medical and Dental Schools whilst working as a paediatric nephrologist, and later became Chairman of the board of Great Ormond Street, Chairman of the King’s Fund, Medical Director of Well Child, Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Group for the development of Dulwich Community Hospital, and a member of Council of Southwark Cathedral.

He has received numerous honours and has been a member of various associations and boards.