Need help with user account?

Your RCPCH online account is your gateway to online services at the College. You can update your details, book exams, apply and manage your membership and access other websites such as ePortfolio, Compass learning and CPD Diary.

What can I do in my online account?

  • Access many of your RCPCH online services without needing to sign in again, including Compass online classroom, RCPCH ePortfolio and Archives of Disease in Childhood - you can find all of these in your Quick links menu
  • View and update your contact and work details - you can see these in My account
  • Tell us how you would like us to contact you, and on what topics
  • Personalise your homepage - select your interests to see news, courses and events
  • Register and apply for examinations, and access your results
  • Apply for membership

And what can I do if I am an RCPCH member...

  • Use our Member directory to find other RCPCH members - go to Quick links
  • Upgrade your membership - find your membership type
  • Manage your membership subscriptions and (where relevant) training fees

I want to create an account

It's easy to create your online account.

If you already have an RCPCH number (for example, because you are a member), you'll just need to provide your number and email address.

If you don't have an RCPCH number, you can complete a short form.

You will then get an email so you can set your password.

Create an account

I have forgotten my password

You can reset your password. You just need to enter your RCPCH number (you may need to do this on two screens). You'll get an email with a link - this is sent to the default email address we have on your record.

Click on the link - you'll need to do this within 24 hours, or try again. You can then enter your new password, and log in.

Sometimes our emails get stuck in spam. If you don't find our message, please check your spam or junk folder.

Reset your password

If you are already logged in you can edit your password.

I don't know my RCPCH number (username)

You can fill in a short form to find your RCPCH number. We will need your name and date of birth, and your current email address. If this does not work, please contact us.

Find your RCPCH number

My account is blocked

If you try to log in with the incorrect RCPCH number and/or password five times, your account will be blocked.

You can wait 10 minutes when it will become unblocked, and try again.

Or, follow the link to reset your password. 

About my account dashboard

When you sign in, you will see your account dashboard. You can get to it any time by tapping My account in the header. 

From here, you can edit your personal details, work details, contact preferences (how you would like us to contact you) and interests.

I need to update my personal details (including equal opportunities information)

On the Personal details form, you can edit your title, home address and home contact details.

You cannot edit your name in this form - see how to change your name below.

You can also add your information in the Equal opportunities section. As a College. we commit to ensuring equal opportunities across all our activities. To track this, we ask that you kindly complete this information. Any personal and sensitive data that you provide will be used solely for equal opportunities monitoring purposes. We will process it in line with the Data Protection Act. More about how the College uses equal opportunities data in our membership privacy notice.

I need to update my work details

On the Work details form, you can edit your current employment, or add a new employment.

You can enter your job title, start and/or end dates and work contact details. You can select your hospital/workplace and then your site of employment. And, you can select your type of employment - full time or less than full time.

My hospital or workplace is not in your list

The Work details form allows you to select your hospital/workplace. If your hospital or workplace is not on the list, please contact us and we will add this.

I cannot see my future work details

The Work details form and your account dashboard will show your current work details only.

If you add an employment with a future start date, this will not display. You will see these details from the start date, when you can edit them.

I want to check and update my contact preferences

We would like to keep you informed, usually by email, about a variety of projects and activities at the College.

On the Contact preferences form, you can opt in and out of individual categories of communications.

I want to select my interests to see content I'm interested in

On the Personalise your experience form, you can select your interests so we can provide you with tailored content to your website homepage and emails (depending on your contact preferences).

I have changed my name

If you have changed your name - for example, due to marriage - you cannot change this on your account.

Instead, please contact the right team:

You will need to send us documentary evidence. This might be a photocopy or scan of your marriage certificate or passport.

If you have already changed your name with the General Medical Council (GMC), you do not need to send evidence. But, please do let us know.

I need to correct my date of birth

If your date of birth is not correct, you cannot change this on your account.

Instead, please contact the right team: