Climate change

Children are among the most vulnerable to the health risks of climate change. Through our Climate Change Working Group, which includes enthusiastic members and staff, we’re looking at what we can all do to help combat climate change for the future benefit of children and young people.
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We need to use our collective voice as a College to support urgent action on this issue.
Regularly updated resources to support members to become more environmentally sustainable and take action on climate change.
There are so many ways to join us – read about current opportunities to join us in our climate advocacy work.

We are pleased to announce an exciting programme of speakers and sessions is now being developed and we hope you can join us virtually to be informed and inspired.

Complete with Q&A sessions and a host of speakers this event will take place on 26 November 2021

Further news and blogs on climate change

Our work on air quality

Illustration by Maya, age 11

Climate change can impact air quality and, conversely, air quality can impact climate change. Poor air quality has been linked to serious health conditions in children, such as cancer, asthma and cardiovascular diseases.

We are committed to leading the way to adopt ways of working and policies that support improvements in air quality. In January 2020, we published two major pieces of research and policy advocacy to highlight the threat of poor air quality to health outcomes for children.