How many days until #RCPCHProgressPlus?

OK, so this page is not just a count down timer, it’s also a timely reminder on the progress of... well, Progress+

As we count down the days until we change the training programme structure in August/September 2023, we thought now would be a good time to share some thoughts!

So hang on, this isn't an entirely new Progress curriculum, but builds on Progress to give a new training structure?

Correct. You'll notice some key changes between RCPCH Progress and RCPCH Progress+ including that it will become a new two level programme rather than the current three levels. The changes align with Shape of training and the GMC's framework (remember our response to the Shape of training from 2017?). To accommodate this framework along with feedback from our members - we will also be making some other changes... 

I've heard we can start making some plans and introducing some changes now?

You got it! You can start making plans and introducing changes now, such as being creative with placements, stepping trainees up early and allocating educational supervisors for longer periods. Find out more about this and other good practice that are already happening around the UK.

I love good practice and tips on how I can progress my career! Got anything I can check out during my commute?

We hear you! We're fans of good practice and tips too. Firstly, have you checked out our important guide: Paediatrician of the Future: Delivering really good training? This shows the 11 new principles for paediatric training, that will work in conjunction with the new training programme structure and guidance being introduced fully in 2023.

To celebrate and share understanding of the 11 new training principles (as detailed in the Paediatrician of the Future) we are also releasing a training principle of the month, every month! These are bite sized information pages packed with case studies, videos, children and young people's input and more! Check out the introduction to the training principle of the month page (this has links to the principle for each month as and when we release them).

Anything else I should know?

I guess just to say that if any of this is news for you, or you want to find out more, then we highly encourage you to check out the landing page for Progress+ as it houses all the information and updates you'll ever need to know about Progress+ (including a more detailed FAQs page)!

One last thing - how come I haven't heard about this before?

Yikes! We're not sure. But it's certainly been a busy time out there, so it's completely understandable if you’ve not seen anything about this before. We've talked about it - a lot! On social media, in blogs, in eBulletins, on podcasts, in your Milestones members magazine, during committee meetings, in Archives of Disease in Childhood, in posters and also through spreading the word with our members by our members!

If you've not heard anything yet - then we're sorry it's not got to you until now. But don't worry - there's time to get up to speed and you too can now help us spread the word! So, tell your colleagues, your place of work and even your friends on social media using #RCPCHProgressPlus and together we'll continue to lead the way in child health. And if you have further questions, thoughts or want to get in touch with the team, please do email