Get involved with Ride for Their Lives

Use your unique voice as a paediatrician and healthcare professional to raise awareness about the impact of climate change and air pollution on child health through the Ride for Their Lives campaign.
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Set up in 2021, the Ride for Their Lives campaign began when a group of paediatricians decided to cycle from London to Glasgow ahead of COP26. Since then the campaign has developed into an international collaboration of healthcare providers riding together to explore the actions we must take to protect the planet for children now and into the future. 

RCPCH continues to support Ride for Their Lives and its aims to start conversations, inspire action in their institutions and put pressure on policymakers to act now to address the climate crisis, protect people’s health and phase out fossil fuel emissions.

Whether you're an experienced cyclist or new to two wheels, we encourage you to join an upcoming ride. Or if there isn’t one near you – it’s simple to set one up - check out the "how to set up a ride" video on the Ride for Their Lives website.

Use your wheels to create positive action in the fight against climate change and for clean air.

Upcoming rides

9 June 2024 - UKHACC ride in Regents Park

Alternatively, look out for upcoming rides and events local to you on the Ride for Their Lives website - or create and lead your own ride!

Previous rides

24 March 2024 - RCPCH Conference Birmingham 2024 

On the day before RCPCH Conference in Birmingham 2024, a large group enjoyed a ride around the city with children and young people leading the way. 

RCPCH Officers at the Ride for Their Lives event in Birmingham 2024

23 May 2023 RCPCH Conference evening ride

Conference delegates enjoyed this gentle evening ride along the River Clyde in Glasgow. 

A group of cyclists, including Camilla, coming towards the camera on a small country road

22 May 2023 - To RCPCH Conference 

RCPCH members cycled from Falkirk to Glasgow to join the big event. And what's the meaning of the blue bag RCPCH President Camilla Kingdon is holding in the below photo? You can find out in this blog by Chinthika Piyasena.

Camilla Kingdon holding The Blue Bag with Chinthika and Heather

13 October 2022 - UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC) London

Joanne Shaw, RCPCH Chair of the Board of Trustees, joined a gentle cycled around UKHACC member sites.

Joanne Shaw joined the UKHACC ride in October - Image of riders on a bridge

29 September 2022 - RCPCH London

Camilla Kingdon led a circular route around London, starting and finishing at our office. Camilla told us she's always grateful to spend time outside with colleagues, and hopes "we can inspire others to join us in our mission to protect children and future generations globally against air pollution and climate change". You can read her blog about the ride.

Ride for their lives cycle before the London ride

24 October 2021London to Glasgow for COP26 RFTL 2021

This was the very first Ride for Their Lives cycle, going from London to Glasgow for COP26. Camilla joined the Newcastle leg.