COVID-19 - statement on child deaths

Our President Professor Russell Viner comments on child deaths due to COVID-19.

“Children or young people can become infected with COVID-19 and may infect others, but we know that it is unlikely that they will become seriously ill with the virus.

“To control the spread of infection, hospitals are limiting the number of visitors to one parent or carer at a time for each child, whether or not they are known to have the disease.

“Visitors should follow infection control measures, including wearing protective clothing. This is for their own safety, and for that of the child, as well as other patients, staff and visitors.

“If the parent or carer is suspected of being infected with COVID-19, or any other serious infectious disease, they will sadly not be allowed to visit until they are known to be well again.

“When a child or young person is dying, the focus of the healthcare team is always to try to make sure that their death is as comfortable as possible and that they have family members or carers with them.

“Sadly, in cases where a child dies very suddenly or unexpectedly, this may not always be possible but we do everything we can to prevent this happening. None of us who treat children would ever abandon a dying child and, wherever possible, we would make sure they were with those who have loved and cared for them.”