An ode to my hospital

After a wonderful ST1 year at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, Dr Sian Vermeulen couldn’t help but write a short farewell poem to sum up her time there.
Dr Sian Vermeulen

I have always found that I have made some of my dearest friends in the 'hospital work trenches', and this year was no different. With COVID-19 came many new changes to our usual working patterns and personal lives.

Having such a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie at work has kept me smiling (behind a mask) through it all!

The Wonder of Woolwich

The day has come for me to be set free,
from the sleep-sucking clutches of QE.
I am so grateful for my time here and what I have learnt,
which includes weird and wonderful conditions and
assessing depth of skin burnt.

Calpol and ibuprofen are on the menu of the day,
including ametop and trusty ol’ cold spray.
Kawasaki’s disease, HSP and a “PIMS display”,
that took up most of March, April and May.

Prolonged jaundice clinic and the afternoon flurry,
of patients that turn Hippo into a bomb
Birth history and allergies,
don’t forget to ask where they are from.

Long discussions and safety-netting advice,
All to our dismay when they re-attend, twice!
Coffee from Starbucks and shifts with the greatest team,
You’ve all made it more easy that it may seem.

Wherever life takes me and to whatever ends,
I hope once more to work with such amazing friends!