Positivity, paediatrics and the pandemic

With the world pretty much turned upside down, we have all been feeling fearful. Whilst it is dangerously easy to become caught in this negative spiral, Dr Mumtaz Mooncey has been determined to spread positivity!
Dr Mumtaz Mooncey

Amongst our team, we have found that it is often the smallest things which make the biggest differences. Everyone is dealing with their own challenges and adapting in their individual ways. Going that extra mile to look out for colleagues has never been more important. We have put together our top three ideas for sharing positivity in your workplace.

Positivity posts

We introduced a Daily Positivity Post, designed to share humour, gratitude and positivity every day. In a world where nothing is consistent, we want to make sure that everyone sees one purely positive thing each day.

As well as proving to be really popular, there is also research showing that a positive mindset leads to us becoming more resilient and better able to achieve success. You can set up the same within your departments, or, you would be most welcome to follow our posts - @mumtazsophia on Instagram / Twitter!

Fun factor

Similarly, a departmental ‘Fun Factor’ – either via email, as a newsletter, or on a noticeboard - can really help to boost morale. Being a good team member is not only working well within the team, but ensures that everyone else within the team knows just how valuable they are.

A monthly email sent round to the whole multidisciplinary team, to celebrate achievements and give congratulations to those who have made a positive difference over the past month, can be truly uplifting for the whole team.

Birthday baking rota

In a time where we are unfortunately unable to celebrate with family and friends as we usually would, it is even more important for us to be able to celebrate with our colleagues. We created a 'Birthday-Baking-Rota' to ensure that whenever a member of the team has their birthday, another member of the team bakes (or buys) a birthday cake for them, as a mini-work-celebration. This also ensures that everyone takes the time to have a break together, even during the course of a busy day – you can always make time for cake!

As part of the Surviving & Thriving subcommittee on the London School of Paediatrics Trainees Committee, we have created an entire Positivity Menu with lots more ideas which you can use in your workplace. The Covid Surviving & Thriving Handbook also has a huge load of ideas which we hope will be inspiring too.

We fully recognise that times are challenging, and there will always be highs and lows. Staying positive doesn't mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days you know there are better ones coming.

Supporting one another within the team is absolutely essential. It really is “Ok Not To Be Ok”, and sometimes just highlighting that to your colleagues can help them to feel supported, talk about what is going on, and make the world of difference. Through maintaining a positive outlook and supporting one another, we can continue to shine together. #wegotthis