RCPCH responds to Prime Minister's World Mental Health day announcement

To mark World Mental Health Day, the Prime Minister has made a series of announcements on mental health.

These include:

  • Starting in 2019, the government will publish a ‘State of the Nation’ report every year on World Mental Health Day, highlighting the trends and issues in young people’s mental wellbeing – the first time children’s mental health will be reported in this way, alongside their physical health and academic attainment.
  • Recruitment has now begun for new mental health support teams who will work with schools to ensure young people with mental health issues get the help they need – trainees will begin studying in January and join schools across England next year.
  • The government will provide tools to help schools measure their students’ health, including their mental wellbeing – building on the commitment to make education in mental health and resilience a compulsory part of the curriculum.

Responding to the announcement, RCPCH Officer for Health Promotion Dr Max Davie said:

“It’s encouraging to see the government reiterate their commitment to children and young people’s mental health on this year’s World Mental Health Day. A yearly 'State of the Nation; report highlighting trends and issues in young people’s mental wellbeing is a welcome development, and we hope that it will be used to identify areas of need for children and adolescent mental health services and other interventions.

"Half of all mental health problems are already established by the age of 14, so focusing on prevention and early intervention is vital. However, more needs to be done for those children who already have mental and emotional health needs. These children and young people should have timely and appropriate access to evidence based services and treatment, with these services considered an integral part of children's healthcare in both acute and community settings.”