Supporting you through COVID-19 - a message from your Officer for Wales

"At such a busy and challenging time for all of us, I wanted to take a brief moment to pause and reflect on what COVID-19 means for us as a paediatric community in Wales, and what I as RCPCH Officer for Wales can do to support you all through this period." David Tuthill explains more to our members working in Wales.

Over the past few weeks, since this crisis started, I’ve been doing a lot of listening. I’m in touch with colleagues across Wales, hosting weekly conference calls with clinical leads and members of our Wales Committee, to hear what the issues are in acute settings, in community settings, for trainees, for a range of specialisms.

I’m feeding in on your behalf to work we’re doing as a College, including our substantial guidance on how we can structure paediatric services and plan staffing and rotas, and making sure that College Officers and its CEO and President understand the picture here in Wales.

I've highlighted issues to Welsh Government... asking them to do all they can to make it clear that when children become unwell, whatever the symptoms, they need to call a doctor

I’m also using your insight to inform regular and ongoing discussions with Welsh Government. One of the key things I’m hearing from so many of you is a concern around the harms not just caused by the virus itself, but by the various ways we’re having to respond to it and the social impact of the huge changes we’re living with. I’ve highlighted a number of these issues to Welsh Government, especially our concern around late presentations, asking them to do all they can to make it clear that when children become unwell, whatever the symptoms, they need to call a doctor. 

Things are moving quickly. We’re learning weekly if not daily of issues we need to address and adapting our ways of working in this new landscape. I’m here to represent our members in Wales, so if you have an issue we need to think about, get in touch with me by emailing Lisa at the RCPCH Wales office on

Thanks for reading. Let’s all take care of each other so that we can take care of everyone else. 

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