We publish a new educational podcast about paediatric sepsis

Over the past couple of years we've produced podcasts with real-world guidance on how to manage sepsis in children and young people. Clinical lead and consultant paediatrician Dr Emma Lim introduces our latest episode, published for today's World Sepsis Day, which covers the first ever sepsis guidelines in paediatrics and the effect of COVID-19.

Professor Mark Peters, consultant paediatrician at Great Ormond Street Hospital and a researcher at the Institute of Child Health, joined me to discuss the first sepsis guidelines for children and young people -published in 2020.

Mark and I noted that sepsis is difficult to recognise, and there hasn't yet been a set of agreed normal parameters or a national paediatric warning score - although a national PEWS is being piloted this year thanks to Dr Damian Roland and team at SPOT. But, here is the first major international concensus on paediatic sepsis ever!

Find out about the paper you need to read this year, and hear the story behind the guidelines.

This and our earlier sepsis podcasts were produced by Dr Jonny Guckian of Medisense Medical Education. Medisense is an online platform for creative resources in medical education. Jonny and his team are strong believers in #FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) and advocate high quality technology enhanced learning. As the evidence base for podcast learning materials continues to increase, it is essential for leadership organisations to continue to reach out to learners and innovate in this exciting space.

You can listen to all of the sepsis episodes, and other RCPCH podcasts, wherever you listen to podcasts - including Apple, Spotify and Deezer - or on our Libsyn page.

You can also see more about this series on paediatric sepsis on this website.