Our history, your future - celebrating 25 years of RCPCH

This year we mark our 25th birthday as a Royal Medical College by looking at 5x5 key moments from our history and how we're supporting members and improving child health, now and in the future.
Video thumbnnail - Professor Monica Lakhanpaul
We asked five paediatricians their tips for someone beginning a career in paediatrics. They suggest to take opportunities where you can, find the support around you, enjoy the journey... and remember that this specialty allows you to grow and change.
Video thumbnail - Professor Sir Alan Craft
These paediatricians also tell us their wishes for the future of paediatrics, including integrating physical and mental health care, and working across disciplines to tackle health inequalities. They urge society to to put children at the forefront.
SLCP 1996-2021 | 25 | Towards child healthcare excellence: A quarter century long trek
The Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians also celebrates its 25th birthday this year. Its President, Professor Shaman Rajindrinath reflects on a quarter century long trek in which paediatrics has grown and RCPCH supported its work. To the next 25 years!

Members reflected on our birthday in the summer edition of Millestones magazine

Members at the first Annual Conference in 1997

Since then, as Kate Veale in our Information Governance team explains, we've developed our annual conference (pictured here is our first one as RCPCH in 1997), managed membership examinations, supported paediatricians at home and abroad, and used our research and members' clinical expertise to become the authority on child health matters.

How do children and young people's voices influence, inform and shape our work?