Digital Growth Charts

To support the drive to digitise healthcare we have, for the first time ever, developed an API to accurately calculate centiles for a child’s height, weight, head circumference and BMI for digital growth assessments. Guidance, support and links for developers and health professionals are available.

Child growth assessment is important – whether detecting serious illness or helping to manage the obesity crisis - and it involves complex data and statistics. 

A multi-disciplinary group of experts, from clinical paediatrics, nutrition, health informatics, statistics and programming, has now created the RCPCH Growth Charts API (application programming interface).

This enables developers of electronic patient records to build apps and interfaces that will give clinicians solid data to improve care, and parents online access to their child's growth records.

Why work with the RCPCH Growth Charts API?

Award winning - We were proud to win 'Best Health Tech Solution in the Health Tech Awards 2020 for our digital growth charts - find out how this API is the building block of incredible future clinical interfaces

Gold standard - Working with the UK's top experts in growth monitoring, growth charts, centile and SDS calculation, and in child development, our API takes away the heavy lifting of calculating child growth parameters. Find out more about Royal Colleges 3.0: ‘Best practice as code’

Open source - For transparency, accuracy and maximum reuse, our API and associated libraries are 100% open source. We welcome code reviews, feedback, issues and pull requests. We're the first Royal College to have clinical code in its own GitHub organisation, so check us out on GitHub!

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Working with experts in growth monitoring, centile and SDS calculation, we've created an API to provide reliable, safe results instantly. See a demo how this can work for your clinical settings.
Integrate digital growth charts API into your system. Sign up on the developer portal, select subscription package and access the documentation.
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Check with your health provider for access through the Personal Child Health Record. In the meantime, take a look at our general information about the growth charts.

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