RCPCH ePortfolio (Kaizen) guidance for educational and clinical supervisors

RCPCH ePortfolio is the online learning tool for you and your trainees to review activities and monitor progress throughout the curriculum. It is easy to use and stores everything trainees do in their timeline.
Last modified
22 September 2020

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Future updates

We are making some improvements to ePortfolio - going live from the week of 26 October - so that it is more clearly aligned with the domains, learning outcomes and key capabilities that your trainees need to achieve to progress. Our announcement explains what to expect.

Find curriculum

Select the curriculum you wish to view. Discs will display to show the coverage on that specific curriculum.

Find users

Your trainees will be listed on the right side of your dashboard in the My Trainees widget.

  • Click User management and Users to display a list of all users (trainees) available to you.
  • Click on Users to display trainees attached to you.
  • To search for a specific trainee please type their name or RCPCH number into the search box.
  • You can review the trainee's profile below the trainee's name.
  • Click New event to start a new event, for example 'educational' or 'clinical supervisor’s trainers report'.
  • For a more advanced search, you can search by the type of user or a user's email address.

If you cannot find a trainee this will indicate that they have not yet added you as a supervisor from their own account. Alternatively, you may have expired as their supervisor and will require an extension by the College.

Add a supervision form for a user

  • Find the user and click New event.
  • Click under Event type and choose a supervision form from the drop down menu.
  • Click SUBMIT to save.

If you receive the error message 'you are not authorized' when trying to submit an event for a trainee this indicates you have expired as the trainee’s supervisor and will need your access extended. Please contact eportfolio@rcpch.ac.uk to extend your access.

Review a user’s timeline

Find a user and click Timeline. Then refer to the general guide at the beginning of this document for timeline navigation.

Review a user’s curriculum tags

Find a user and click and click on their Profile and Summary Page.

  • Click on the curriculum you wish to view and then discs will update to show the coverage on that specific curriculum.
  • Click on view to see the summary pages for each curriculum.
  • On the left side you will see curricula, conditions and procedures assigned to the user, including sub-specialty curricula and SPIN modules.
  • On the right hand side you will see all the user’s events.

To view which events have been tagged to a particular curriculum competency, Tick the Box next to said curriculum item.

  • As you click further, the events tagged to your selection will appear on the right.
  • Any curriculum item in blue can be clicked on the open up the particular areas of that section of the curriculum.

Review a user’s Personal Development Plan (PDP)

We have recently updated the PDP section on the ePortfolio to allow for a more focused and goal driven targeted approach.