Training & Quality team

We are an experienced team of professionals with a wealth of skills and backgrounds, passionate about driving quality improvements in paediatric education and training.

Training & Quality comprises two sub-teams, Curriculum & Quality and Training Services. We focus on the production, quality and implementation of the paediatric training curriculum and we offer support to trainees on several aspects of their training, including certification and the development of the training programme.

Curriculum & Quality sub-team

We set standards in paediatric education and training through the development and quality assurance of postgraduate paediatric curricula, incluing RCPCH Progress and Progress+, as well as the SPIN (special interest) curricula.

We support College Tutors, Educational Supervisors and Training Programme Directors. And, we work with deaneries to ensure quality in education and training and ensure adherence to General Medical Council (GMC) standards.

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Training Services sub-team

We support all doctors with a role in paediatric training in the UK, including trainees, trainers and regional administrative support.

We register trainees for training with the College, maintain, develop and troubleshoot RCPCH ePortfolio and administer RCPCH START (assessment). We recommend trainees to the GMC to complete their training and enter the specialist register via Certification of Completion of Training (CCT) or Certification of Eligibility of Specialist Registration (CESR).

We also manage the RCPCH SPIN (special Interest) modules and cohorts for those who want additional training and experience in a clinical area.

To support all this work, we administer committees that drive the College's work related to training, including: Heads of School Committee, College Specialty Advisory Committees (CSACs) for the 17 sub-specialtiesTraining and Quality BoardTrainees Oversight Committee and Trainee NetworkCESR CommitteeSTART BoardAcademic Training Committee and Less Than Full Time Training Advisors Network.

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