RCPCH ePortfolio (Kaizen) guidance for trainees

Your ePortfolio allows you to record your learning in all its forms and settings. It facilitates your development, and it offers structure and evidence to support your training. The tool is mandatory for all run-through and non run-through paediatricians in UK training posts.
Last modified
1 May 2018

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About RCPCH ePortfolio

Your RCPCH ePortfolio (Kaizen) is the online learning tool for you and your supervisors to review activities and monitor progress through the curriculum. It is easy to use and stores everything you do in your timeline.

How to get an account

If you are a trainee paediatrician in the UK, you will need to be registered for training with us, as well as be an active member. Find out your membership / training type and apply [link to registration wizard].

If you need access with the RCPCH ePortfolio for a different reason, please contact ePortfolio@rcpch.ac.uk.

You can then access your ePortfolio by signing in to your RCPCH online account.

Your timeline

Your timeline hosts all of your activities in one place. This includes workplace assessments, reflective logs, skills logs, curriculum comments, training posts, supervisors added and ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) forms.

You can also start your forms from this area to demonstrate your progress against your curriculum.

Your To do list

This is indicated by the red bell at the top of your screen, including the number of items pending.

It shows requests to complete assessments for other trainees, or assessments that have been returned by your assessors for your reflective practice.

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Your dashboard and profile

This is your landing page. Within here you can create new events, review how many assessments or skills logs you have completed, see your details and read announcements from the RCPCH and Kaizen developers on changes to the system.

  1. A summary of your Training Programme, Training post, Locations and Supervisors as well as the dates which apply to these. This also contains any previous information on these and the dates which they covered. Also listed are your details, such as your GMC (General Medical Council) number, RCPCH number and email address.
  2. An overview of your curricula. You can click on title of the curriculum you wish to view, and see how many events have been tagged. Click on view to go to the Curriculum area and see what is tagged. For more information watch our videos: Bulk tagging and Tagging.
  3. Kaizen HQ. This has links to the new upcoming features and the new features on the system.
  4. Reports. These give you an overview of the assessments you have done since August 1 2016 and if you have uploaded your Life Support certificates as an event. This now includes the ability to preview the events on your timeline.
  5. A summary of your Skills and Development logs in a graph.

Please see our guidance video, Navigating your ePortfolio dashboard.

Add a supervisor

  • Go to your dashboard
  • In Create new event, select Add your educational and/or clinical supervisor
  • Add a start date and end date to cover the period for which your supervisor needs to be connected with you. If you don't add a different end date, this will add them for one day only.

Please see our guidance video, Adding an Educational and/or Clinical Supervisor

Send an assessment to an assessor

Once you have completed your part, you can send to your assessor.

  • From your timeline, select New event
  • Select Event type and choose an assessment
  • Complete all relevant fields (the mandatory fields are marked with a red star)
  • In Specify next responsible person, start typing the name of your assessor and select the right name (scroll down to see what to do if the name is not listed)
  • Click Submit to send to your chosen assessor

If your assessor is with you

You can select Fill in on the same device. The assessor section will display at the bottom of the event. They can complete their part and click Submit, which will send your assessment over to your assessor’s To Do list for authorisation. (They will need to log in to their account to authorise the event.)

Remind your assessor

You can click Remind to send an automatic reminder email to the assessor. This includes a link to log in and complete the assessment.

If the assessor's name is not listed

Most of the time, your assessors will have an RCPCH ePortfolio account, and you will be able to find them by name. It is important that you do this so that they get your assessment.

However if you cannot find their name, you can invite them to join RCPCH ePortfolio by entering their email address. They will get an automated email from no-reply@kaizenep.com.

We are aware that some Trusts are automatically filtering these emails. In these cases, please ask your assessor to speak with their IT department to allow these emails.

Multi source feedback

Please see the video on how to create you own MSF event on your timeline for guidance: Completing an MSF

Add and access documents

You have a document library into which you can add documents. This might be necessary for a particular research project where you want to keep documents from other sources with your ePortfolio.

  • To manage your document library, select Documents from the top of the screen.
  • To add a new folder, select New folder.
  • You can upload documents and move these as you need to do so.

Send a trainee-led supervision report

This works in the same way as any other assessment you start.

You get the opportunity to refer to your workplace assessments and skills logs throughout the training post and demonstrate your progress against a PDP and your curriculum.

  • Select the form, Supervision - Trainee-led supervisor report
  • Complete your parts of the form first

How to complete a Trainee Led Educational Supervisors Report

For events

  • Right click on the screen and select print
  • Select the option to print or save as PDF

For reports

The system does not currently allow you to download reports to PDF. However, you can save each report as a PDF individually through your browser.

For example, in Google Chrome:

  • Right click anywhere in the event and select Print
  • Select Change
  • Change the destination to Save as PDF


For any help you need, queries you have or suggestions for improvements with your ePortfolio, please do contact ePortfolio@rcpch.ac.uk