College tutor

The RCPCH representative in the NHS Trust (in UK) with a duty to keep updated with our standards in education and training, new educational initiatives and changes to the curriculum, exams and assessments - about this role.


Paediatric rota gaps survey 2024 - about this project

We are asking College Tutors across the UK to complete a survey, or ask their relevant colleagues to do so, about rota gaps in their Trust or Health Board. The data collected will give us a better understanding of rota gaps in paediatrics and reasons. We can use this information to support our membe...

Educational Supervisor Roadshow - Research and health promotion domains

Dr Lizzie Starkey introduced the second in our virtual roadshow series and provided an update on College activities. We heard from Dr Alice Armitage who spoke to us about the research domain in the curriculum and on supervising academic and non-academic trainees. Then, Dr Helen Stewart spoke about h...

Progress+ - Learning outcomes poster

Progress+ is our updated two-level training programme. This A3 poster, which you can view or download, outlines the generic learning outcomes - at core and specialty training levels - that are required of all trainees working towards a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Paediatrics.