#ChoosePaediatrics - resources and tips to promote our specialty

Join us in promoting our wonderful specialty to medical students and foundation doctors! We have a wealth of resources below such as our own careers booklet, posters and some tips on how to run an online careers event. You can download the social media pack to raise awareness and build our paediatric workforce.

Our careers booklet

It's jam-packed with advice, resources and inspiration for those considering a paediatric career - so do share! See below or find it on our careers booklet page.

    Images for your social media posts

    If you are preparing a careers event or taster day, sharing tips on applying to the specialty or just want to spotlight paediatrics... feel free to use one of our cards on Twitter/X, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social channels. Remember to include the hashtag, #ChoosePaediatrics. 

    Pro-tip: Download by right-clicking on the image and saving. Avoid taking a screenshot as it will look blurry on your social channel!

    Join our wonderful specialty
    Become a paediatrician today

    Posters to share or print

    We have three posters about the specialty, and you can view here or download below. You're welcome to print them for your medical office/clinician staff room! 

    Paediatric career journey

    Explains the early journey of a paediatrician - from the qualifications needed at medical school to completion of training and everything in between

    Find your ultimate career

    Encourages students and doctors considering their options to explore our resources - and a great one for your careers event or taster day

    Promotes our undergraduate curriculum, which is aligned with RCPCH Progress+ and outlines the key learning doctors will gain should they embark on paediatric specialty training

    Tips to run your online careers event

    It may seem daunting at first but once you get the hang of it, you'll be a pro in no time. Here's some advice to prepare, promote and run a successful event. 


    • Plan exactly what your event is about, know your audience and organise in advance. Don't leave things to the last minute! 
    • Do a test run on the platform you will be using - perhaps with some friendly/critical colleagues! - to ensure you have enough time to 'deal/fix' with any technical issues


    • Start promoting the event at least a few weeks before
    • Tell colleagues and people you know
    • If you use social media, share one or more posts (see above for our images)

    On the day

    • Prepare - again! Presenters and facilitators should meet at the very least half an hour before your event starts to fix/deal with any technical issues
    • Make sure you are in a quiet space with no distractions (such as people walking behind you, pets, noise), with a good internet connection (Wi-Fi or ethernet cable)
    • Make sure your camera is on, with your head and torso in the frame - the audience will want to see you! You'll want a clear backdrop, with no personal images
    • Ensure each presenter is on mute if they are not speaking to avoid any distractions with background noise
    • If you will be sharing your screen avoid having any other content available to view
    • If you will be presenting on PowerPoint or similar, make sure you are in presenter mode - that will avoid any distractions with email pop-ups or tabs around the screen

    Contact us

    So, if you want to help us promote our wonderful specialty or need any advice, we're here to help! Contact the Careers & Communities team on choosepaediatrics@rcpch.ac.uk.

    Together we can inspire the best medical students and foundation doctors to follow in your footsteps. Because... #ChoosePaediatrics - there's no job quite like it!