Watch out for scams about RCPCH exams and GMC specialist registration

We are aware of scams from the "Federation Of The Royal College Of Paediatrics and Child Health", which indicate there are shortcuts in getting MRCPCH (membership of RCPCH) and General Medical Council registration. Don't fall for them! We explain how to spot a scam.

These scam emails often reference the COVID-19 pandemic. They may ask for payment (a fee). They may invite you to click on a link to a private telegram contact address.

These emails are fake.

Some pointers to help you spot a scam:

  • RCPCH will never promise a shortcut, or bypass, to MRCPCH or GMC registration. Anyone who claims they can is probably not reputable.
  • RCPCH will never invite you to contact a telegram contact address. All our email addresses use so be wary of anything claiming to be from RCPCH without that email address.
  • There is no such thing as the Federation of the Royal College of Paediatrics of Child Health. This might sound plausible, because other royal colleges are federated. But, the RCPCH is not one of them.

If you are not sure whether your email is a scam, contact us:

Where to get your information about RCPCH exams:

  • RCPCH is the only official information for our examinations, including FOP, TAS, AKP, MRCPCH Clinical and DCH Clinical. The sources includes this website and the RCPCH exams booking site.
  • RCPCH does not sanction any non-RCPCH social media platforms. Ours include @RCPCHtweets and @RCPCH_trainees on Twitter, RCPCH on Facebook and RCPCH on Instagram.
  • We advise you think carefully before you sign up to non-RCPCH mailing lists or following non-RCPCH social media that claim to be about RCPCH exams. This may put you at risk of being targeted by disreputable sources.