Supporting training

Our clinicians and staff ensure the quality and rigorousness of every exam and assessment for trainee paediatricians. From question writing groups, where new questions and scenarios are generated, right through to the Standard Setting Angoff process where exam questions are reviewed and judged one final time after the exam.
RCPCH ePortfolio (on the Kaizen platform) is the online learning tool for you and your trainees to review activities and monitor progress throughout the curriculum. It is easy to use and stores everything trainees do in their timeline.
Our exam questions go through various quality controls - from being ‘pulled’ for upcoming exams to getting graded after an exam. This helps us ensure our exams are scored fairly and consistently.
Clinicians and staff work together to write questions and scenarios for our exams and assessments. If you're a member with MRCPCH, why not join an upcoming meeting in your local area? It's a great opportunity to help your College and learn more.

RCPCH Progress - spotlight on leadership

An essential skill of all doctors, October's 'domain of the month' looks at principles, approaches and techniques of leadership - both in supervising others and working as part of a team.

If you're supervising trainees, take a look at our resources, including case studies, children and young people's views and videos like this one below.


Designed for paediatric trainees, SAS doctors and consultants who support junior doctors, our course introduces you to educational supervision, and includes interactive workshops on career advice, supporting doctors in difficulty, managing the able trainee and giving constructive feedback.