RCPCH ePortfolio guidance for supporting training

RCPCH ePortfolio is the online learning tool for you and your trainees to review activities and monitor progress throughout the Progress+ curriculum. It is easy to use and stores everything trainees do in their timeline.

RCPCH ePortfolio is on the risr/advance platform (formerly Kaizen).
Last modified
28 November 2023

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Click on the each title to see guidance and videos. These aim to help you review the progress of those users linked to you on the system. You can also download our full guidance at the bottom of this page.

Find users

Your trainees will be listed in the dashboard in the My Trainees widget.

  • Click the name of the person you are linked to for their details (if not there, they need to add you).
  • Click Create new event to start a new form, for example an assessment or additional supervisor meeting form.
  • You can also quickly identify those trainees who may have non-standard ARCP outcomes and need additional support from you.

If you cannot find a trainee this will indicate that they have not yet added you as a supervisor from their own account. Alternatively, you may have expired as their supervisor and will require an extension by the College.

Review a user’s ePortfolio

When you click on your linked user, you will see how they have progressed with their mandatory elements for their grade and their overall level.

If you want to see all the items in a user's timeline, click Timeline in the blue banded area at the top. This will offer short cuts to certain categorised events or forms, or you can select the whole timeline and use the search function.

Review and sign off a trainee's capabilities

Trainees only need to be signed off at the end of a level of training to progress to the next level:

  • the end of Core level, going into Specialty level or
  • the end of specialty level prior to CCT.

This is done in the Educational Supervision Trainers Report (ESTR), by reviewing the evidence that is pulled into the form and making the declaration that you are happy for the trainee to progress.

We ask trainees to showcase the highlights of their evidence rather than expect supervisors to try and review everything. So, you no longer see numbers populating next to learning outcomes. Instead, you see the dates and title of the events a trainee has tagged to each key capability and can preview each piece of evidence.

For more detail, you can download these guides:

Review a user’s Personal Development Plan (PDP)

The PDP section on the ePortfolio is updated for a more focused and goal-driven targeted approach. This video explains more.

Local deaneries and offices

To support trainees and trainers in your region, you may need to review content on ePortfolio or set up ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) panel forms.

Logging in

To log in, you'll need your RCPCH number and password. If you don't know this, or need help, please contact us on training.enquiries@rcpch.ac.uk.

Log in to ePortfolio

Your profile, role and permissions

Once logged in you will see your profile page.

  • You will have a widget with the users you have access to.
  • You will see your inbox with RCPCH messages. We use this contact you where needed.
  • Your profile with the roles have been assigned and your current location permissions.
Finding a trainee

The widget on the right side shows how many trainees you have access to.

  1. Click on User Management, click on Users to display trainees attached to you.
  2. To search for a specific trainee please type their name or RCPCH number into the search box.
  3. Below the trainees name are the areas of the trainee’s profile you can review.
  4. To start a new event, for example educational or clinical supervisor’s trainers report, click New Event.
  5. For a more advanced search use this area, you can search by the type of user (trainee) or a trainee’s email address.
Setting up an ARCP form

Some deaneries like their ARCP forms set up in advance. To do this, find the trainee who needs the ARCP form (as they own the outcome) and select "Create new event".

  1. Select the form ARCP outcome form for General Paediatrics training (including sub-specialty) - two part form
  2. Enter the details for the trainee
  3. Select the ARCP panel member who needs to complete this form and click Submit

This form will sit with the ARCP panel member in their to do list.