NHS charging regulations - case submission

We are collecting examples of cases where the NHS charging regulations have impacted patient care or outcomes. Our aim is to add to the evidence base that will strengthen our call for the current government to suspend the charging regulations. 

How the data will be used

  • To help inform policy of the RCPCH on this issue
  • Data from this survey may be presented at RCPCH events or other migrant health related events
  • Data from this survey may be used for policy lobbying

Data security and GDPR

All answers are anonymous and will be kept completely confidential by RCPCH, in accordance with relevant data protection legislation. Data may be published anonymously in media outlets and online by RCPCH and its affiliates.


For more information please contact the RCPCH Health Policy team on health.policy@rcpch.ac.uk.
About you
Your current role
Where you work
Case submission
Do you know any examples of how the NHS charging regulations have positively or negatively impacted patient’s health and the care they have received?
Please include (if known):
  • Setting of the case (for example, ward/Emergency Deparatment)
  • When the case occurred
  • Timeframe of the case
  • Immigration status of the patient
  • Description of the case
Please do NOT include:
  • Which hospital or exact city of the UK the case comes from
  • Description of the person(s) in a way that makes them identifiable - including nationality, gender, or age
  • Specific dates
  • Rare diagnosis - if a rare diagnosis, only give headline, like 'metabolic disease'
Healthcare seeking
Healthcare withheld
Wider impact
Other comments
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