Genomics programme - our ambitions

We are gathering insights from our members and children and young people to understand what actions are required in the genomics sector, with the primary aim of addressing unmet need to improve child and young people’s health outcomes.

We have recently launched a Genomics Working Group. The purpose of the GWG is to provide subject expertise, strategic and decision-making responsibility for the College’s activities and position on genomic medicine. The GWG is led by our Officer for Genomics. 

We have identified four key ambitions, aligning with the College Strategy, that will guide all our future work in genomics. 

1. Prepare members Build and share knowledge of genomics
2. Optimise opportunities Revolutionise the way we work, to improve children and young people’s health outcomes
3. Represent members, children and young people Speak with authority and expertise to represent views of members and beneficiaries
4. Build interest Increase interest, engagement, and enthusiasm of genomics in RCPCH members

As the College builds its action plan for genomics, there are several key areas of interest that the GWG may choose to focus on. These could include: education and training, screening, impact on workforce, impact on children/young people and their families, genomic data use including research and innovation, and ethics/consent.

This is just the beginning of our genomics journey. We look forward to concentrating on the issues that will most affect our members and beneficiaries, developing a programme most suited to addressing unmet need, supporting our workforce, and ultimately improving child health.

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