Our history, your future - getting ready to celebrate 25 years of RCPCH

This year we will be celebrating the College's 25th birthday by looking at some of our achievements and the services and support we're offering to our members, alongside reflections of key moments from our history.
25 | Our history, your future | RCPCH | Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

This summer in 2021 marks 25 years since the creation of the College. We are planning a range of activities and content to celebrate our anniversary. We will be formally launching our celebrations in June but ahead of that, our members have started to share some reflections on the changes that have taken place over this period. 

Some quotes are below, and you can read the full article within our summer edition of Milestones.

The last 25 years have seen extraordinary changes in what we can achieve for child health, even in challenging times and despite restricted resources. Over the years we have grown and flourished as a professional organisation, but mostly as an authoritative source of information, advice and advocacy for children, young people and their families.

Dr Andrew Long, Retired Consultant Paediatrician

The College brings together all those who are passionate about the health of children and young people. As I have benefitted from my association with the College, I would always encourage everyone to get involved, as this is our College – committed to our future and the future of all children.

Dr Tina Sajjanhar, Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Paediatricians and child health have been through a lot since 1996. Treatments have been revolutionised, eg insulin pumps, CFTR modifiers. Vaccinations, eg pneumococcal, rotavirus, continually change the infective conditions we face. Non-communicable conditions including obesity, neurodevelopmental disorders, anxiety, pain and extreme complexity have come to dominate our workload.

Professor Steve Turner, Registrar

There will be lots more to follow from us to mark our 25 years as a Royal College, so please look out for information on the website, Twitter @RCPCHtweets and Facebook - and help us to share our story and join the celebration.