Alert: Important information about ROP screening guideline

RCPCH has issued the following alert regarding our Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) screening guideline, which was updated and published in March 2022.
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RCPCH would like to inform users of the ROP screening guideline that a recently published UK-based case series has highlighted six cases of babies of 31+0 - 31+5 weeks' gestation who developed ROP requiring treatment over the six year period, 2017-23.

Guideline review and advice: RCPCH will reconvene the ROP guideline development group to review the current guideline in light of new evidence. This review may lead to a recommendation to amend the screening criteria. In the interim, neonatal units with responsibility for screening for ROP should consider the above evidence when deciding which babies should undergo screening for ROP.

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