About RCPCH - from a young person’s perspective

Afsana, age 17, a College intern over summer 2019, interviewed our senior managers to get a handle on what the College does. Here's what she found out.

RCPCH was completely different to what I thought it would be like! When I hear paediatrician and child health, I imagine children and play areas... however, that was not the case here – RCPCH has adults and computers.

Nevertheless, my time here has been so enjoyable, I have learnt so much and have developed so many skills which I can now use in my everyday life.

Young people are truly at the heart of the College... their opinions are used to help shape policy

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health is an organisation consisting of five divisions which work together to deliver support and knowledge to paediatricians. Young people are truly at the heart of the College. The College works like a bridge between paediatricians and young people. 

Corporate Services

This division provides the foundations for the College to operate efficiently and effectively. These teams are finance, governance and contracts, information systems, information governance, and facilities and hospitality.

Education and Training

This division is responsible for the teaching and training of paediatricians; they set the standard of education for paediatric doctors. This division has a core function within the College. 

Membership and Development

This division helps to market and deliver courses, events and conferences, they also recruit and support members. They develop sponsorships and income generation opportunities for the College; also develop and manage opportunities for global development in child health.

Research and Quality Improvement

This division develops research and the evidence base to support paediatricians to improve child health in the future.

Policy and External Affairs

This division enables the College to maximise its influence and impact on key external stakeholders. Young people’s opinions are used to help shape policy.