The Great Paediatric Bake Off - episode four!

Meet the team behind the College’s magazine Milestones, Dr Dita Aswani, Dr James Dearden, Dr Maddy Fogarty-Hover and Dr Seb Gray, as they roll up their sleeves and bake along with Dr Ash Patel.
The Great Paediatric Bake Off - episode four

We first met Dr Ash Patel with his regular baking column in Milestones, so it’s apt for this episode they’re baking raspberry scones, the latest recipe from the summer edition of the member magazine.

We go behind the scenes on how the College’s magazine, which began nearly three years ago, is run by the editorial team of members, ensuring it’s a members’ magazine, for members, by members. We hear what everyone is looking forward to at this year’s Annual Conference in Liverpool, our first in person conference in three years. The group also discuss the challenges and perceptions of working less than full time and transitioning to consultancy, as well as celebrating the PAFTAs and how they came about.

All the Milestones team will attend this year’s RCPCH Conference, including Dr Hannah Baynes who was sadly missed for this bake off. Do say hello and let them know any ideas you have for future editions. You can also reach out to them at

Dr Ash Patel will be at Conference for live episodes of The Great Paediatric Bake Off as he puts some paediatricians through their paces.

 Check out when he'll be baking in the Conference programme and come join him in the wellbeing area.

Grab some clotted cream and jam, and bake your own raspberry scones 

500g plain flour
3 tablespoons caster sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 lemon, zested
110g unsalted butter, cold
and chopped
300ml cold whole milk
150g fresh raspberries
1 egg, beaten

Enjoy your scones and don't forget to show us your pictures on Twitter and Instagram #TheGreatPaediatricBakeOff