How to build a paediatrician

In this podcast, Vice President for Training and Assessment, Dr Cathryn Chadwick and Trainees Committee Chair, Dr Emma Dyer talk about the intentionality behind what the College does to train and support members.
Two profile photos with captions: Dr Emma Dyer, Chair - Trainee Committee / Dr Cathryn Chadwick - VP Training and Assessment | RCPCH Podcasts

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Our College Strategy 2021-24 outlines four strategic aims to support our mission of improving health outcomes for children and young people. In this series we look at our College Strategy in action. Hearing stories from clinicians, children and young people and staff about the impact our work has made on the community and within paediatric clinical practice.

In this episode we learn about what it takes to build a paediatrician. The intentional decisions that have been made to train members and set them up for a long and rewarding career. The new Progress+ curriculum and our Thrive Paediatrics initiative and learning hubs are some of the examples of the work being done to support trainees at each level of their career. 

Paediatricians are a really diverse group of people that bring a real breadth of skill and experience and talent.... Trainees are really involved in every strand of that work at the college and every committee, every working group has a trainee voice on it.

Dr Emma Dyer, Trainees Committee Chair on the podcast