Paediatric careers

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Medical student annual prizes

Each year we offer this prize to outstanding medical students, which includes full registration at our three-day Conference. It's a great opportunity for students to network with professionals within the specialty, demonstrate a commitment to their own career development and expand their portfolio.

Career development for paediatricians

The ‘Facing the Future’ and ‘Shape of Training’ reports highlight how the way paediatricians work is changing. In the past, career grade paediatricians were expected to do virtually the same job throughout their careers. Paediatricians are now expected to work differently as their careers progress. ...
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What happens when you stop?

"It’s not weak to fail. It’s not a failure to be human. Doctors are not gods or monsters but we can feel or be made to feel both, often simultaneously." Serena Haywood, neurodevelopmental paediatrician at St George's University Hospital, writes about her own experiences of mental health, and why it ...