A humanitarian presence - RCPCH Global programmes

We are producing four episodes that highlight each of the strategic aims in our College Strategy 2021-24. This is episode three featuring Seb Taylor, Head of Global Programmes and Dr Sue Broster, our Global Officer.
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Sue Broster
Sue Broster

Our mission to improve child health doesn't end at our borders. Our RCPCH Global programme partners with paediatric societies, global aid organisations and local agencies to train, advise and offer medical support. 

RCPCH Global is unique in that it crosses over each of our strategic aims offering training, a chance to advocate for better health, a chance to gain knowledge and build communities.  

In this episode we hear from Dr Sue Broster, Consultant in Neonatal Intensive Care, with the Acute Neonatal Transfer Service for the East of England and Deputy Medical Director at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, discuss her experiences as a global volunteer and the important role the College plays in improving global child health. 

I think we're really seeing our membership start to say, is there something that we should be doing more loudly, more vociferously in a really constructive way, through advocacy for a range of issues in the global health arena as much as we're doing it in a number of other areas like child protection, safeguarding, etc.--which the college has got an extremely strong and positive reputation for doing.

Dr Sue Broster 

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