Introducing the RCPCH Paediatric Patient Safety Podcast series

Doctors should 'First, do no harm', but harm is occurring in our healthcare settings. In this new series, we speak with leaders in the field on challenging and thought-provoking issues around keeping our children safe in healthcare settings. Our first episode features Dr Peter Lachman on patient safety culture.
RCPCH Podcasts with waveform, and photo of Dr Peter Lachman

Listen to the series below or wherever you get your podcasts, or find on our podcast website where you'll also see our full shownotes, including links mentioned in each episode. You can download the full transcript at the bottom of this page.

Healthcare is inherently risky and so as child health professionals we need to make patient safety a priority in all our actions. We need to think about safety all the time. 

In episode 1 of our series on paediatric patient safety, we speak with Dr Peter Lachman, who develops and delivers programmes for clinical leaders in quality improvement at the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin.

As Peter explains, we healthcare professionals need to know patient safety theory - but, more importantly, we need to know how to apply it, drive improvement and create a workplace culture that fosters safe working practices.

Everyone - from the most junior member of the team to the most senior paediatric clinical leader - needs to think about patient safety all day every day. A safe culture takes time to build. Shared activities such as handover, huddles and debrief can model good behaviour and benefit performance. Repeating behaviours that represent a safe culture can create a virtuous cycle which can change deeply held attitudes and beliefs, then ultimately the safe culture overall.

We hope you will be entertained, educated and energised to make strides in improving the safety of the children that you care for. Look out for our later episodes each week.

    Please be advised that this series contains stories relating to child death and harm. All views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast series belong to the guests and not necessarily to their employer, linked organisations or RCPCH.