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RCPCH Patient Safety Portal is our dedicated website to all things related to patient safety. Explore patient safety theory, learn about the NHS patient safety syllabus, share ideas for QI and get summaries of the latest alerts and reports.

How to Manage: Refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people - online

07 June 2023
This course aims to increase awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence to assess and manage the health needs of accompanied and unaccompanied refugee and asylum-seeking children (AURASC) across medical settings.
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NNAP data flow and methodology

The National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) collects data from neonatal units from across England and Wales and reports annually. Please see below for information about the data flow process, our data protection impact assessment, outlier management policy and Trust quality account information.

Paediatric SCRIPT

Paediatric SCRIPT is an eLearning programme, which aims to improve prescribing competency and safety among specialist paediatric trainees. It is now being used by all Paediatric Schools in England.

Hospital discharge and its impact on patient flow through hospitals (Wales) - consultation response

In January 2022 we responded to the Health & Social Care Committee’s consultation on hospital discharge and its impact on patient flow through hospitals. We welcomed this consultation as this will ensure that action will be taken to address plans to explore how patient flow through hospitals can be ...