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We work in partnership with national and charitable bodies, paediatric sub-specialty groups, paediatricians, clinical managers and networks - as well as children, young people and their families - to drive improvements in paediatrics services. Our QI programmes, including the Epilepsy QI Programme and Medicines for Children, aim to support clinical improvement at both local and national levels.

We support members and the wider child health workforce to be at the forefront of continuous quality improvement through the online sharing hub QI Central.

Our Patient Safety Portal enables health professionals to explore patient safety theory, learn about the NHS patient safety syllabus and access summaries of the latest alerts and reports.

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RCPCH EQIP - Epilepsy Quality Improvement Programme

The RCPCH Epilepsy Quality Improvement Programme was officially launched in June 2019 as the first paediatric epilepsy QI collaborative in England and Wales, supporting epilepsy service teams to identify sustainable improvements within their services for children and young people with epilepsy.