Milestones magazine for members - winter 2021

For our winter edition we’re looking to Australia where one of our members, Dr Andy Tandy works for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. We also hear from members of our Climate Change Working Group on how paediatricians can play a role in speaking for children on the global climate crises...

And, Dr Simon Chapman looks at the recent rise in adolescent eating disorders, while Dr Sarah Vepers shares tips on how to support colleagues on the spectrum. We also hear about the European Academy of Paediatrics, WHAM, a new website providing resources to fight child poverty as well as how the West Midlands have been welcoming their ST1s.

For the first time our ‘Day in the Life’ features a medical student, Jasmine Yap, and our ‘Starter for Ten’ features a paediatric father and son duo. In wellbeing, Dr Lalith Wijedoru tells us about Team Time, an online, socially distanced storytelling initiative, while Dr Ashish Patel is back with a tasty recipe for cinnamon buns to get you through the winter.