Our new report, Securing our healthy future: Prevention is better than cure

Set in the context of a political deprioritisation of children and young people within the UK Government’s current health agenda, this new report, published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, makes the case for prioritising the prevention of ill health in childhood.

We believe that taking preventative action this way provides the best opportunity to address poor health outcomes for the whole population, ease pressure on the NHS and build a strong economy.  

The new report, which is supported by the 24 members of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, outlines 10 key actions for UK Government to take to prioritise child health. These include creating a Cabinet-level Minister for Children and Young People and preventative measures in childhood to achieve healthy weight, enhance oral health, improve low vaccination uptake, implement clean air policies and support child mental health services.  

The full report can be found on the Academy of Medical Royal College's website.