And the PAFTA winners in 2019 are...

There were four winners of the College’s esteemed paediatric training awards - the PAFTAs - in 2019, Ruth Bland, Philippa Wood, Henriette van Ruiten and Melody Redman. Here are their nominations and quotes from the children and young people's judging panel.

Best Educational Supervisor - Dr Ruth Bland

The nomination for Dr Ruth's work said:

Ruth forms special bonds with trainees. With senior trainees, she is supportive whilst allowing autonomy. For junior trainees, she is encouraging and motivates through her exemplary hard work and communication skills. Every ward round is a teaching opportunity and case discussions carry nuggets of wisdom. Ruth is an inspiration, well-respected by all colleagues. She caters not only for our educational needs, but encourages team morale with a maternal and holistic approach. She is truly our matriarch of paediatrics.

We were really impressed with their dedication to supporting trainees in lots of different ways with their door always open, helping even when trainees faint!

Children and young people's judging panel

Best Senior Trainee – Dr Philippa Wood and Dr Henriette van Ruiten

Dr Wood’s nomination said:

Philippa has grown as a trainee/clinician, has shown initiative, is calm, efficient, understands situations and discusses doubts to facilitate discussions and draw coherent plans. She brings new ideas, manages consultants well, is supportive of juniors, has a realistic view to life but sees the positive which is conveyed in her management.

We liked that this doctor talked in simple language to patients, so they can understand what is happening in a calm way

Children and young people's judging panel

Dr van Ruiten’s nomination said:

Henriette wholeheartedly embraces the values of the RCPCH. She is supportive and outstanding in her clinical skills. Henriette is successful because of her ability to turn challenges into opportunities: families gravitate towards her positivity. By working across boundaries, Henriette has produced measurable outputs which will have tangible benefits for patient care.

It is really good that they have set up groups for parents and patients with other doctors to help people to learn more about their conditions

Children and young people’s judging panel

Best Junior Trainee - Dr Melody Redman

According to her nomination:

Since being an ST1 Dr Redman has been a keen trainee, progressing quickly in her knowledge and clinical skills. She has consistently been involved in bedside teaching and clinical discussions, asking questions or clarifying points she was unsure of. This drive for knowledge and excellence has persisted and she consistently provides excellent clinical care. She communicates sensitively with families, easily developing a rapport with patients of all ages. Melody is a kind, hardworking trainee who cares not only for patients but also colleagues’ wellbeing.

We were really happy to see that as a new trainee this doctor is good at talking to patients sensitively and in a way that matches their ages while looking after them well

Children and young people’s judging panel

Congratulations to all the winners!