RCPCH comments on the Inequalities in Health Alliance's letter to the Prime Minister

RCPCH has joined over 90 representatives of the Inequalities in Health Alliance (IHA) today in signing a letter to the Prime Minister calling for a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities.

Dr Max Davie, Officer for Health Improvement, said:

“The impact of poverty and inequality on children’s health and wellbeing is undeniable. Our State of Child Health 2020 report revealed a widening gap between health outcomes across nearly 30 indicators with children living in more deprived areas having worse health outcomes than their peers living in less deprived areas. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and accelerated the devastating impact of health inequalities.
“As a member of the IHA, RCPCH is determined to continue with efforts to tackle health inequalities, and calls on Government to introduce a clear cross-departmental strategy to address this problem. We will continue to advocate for the Government to put child health at the heart of its policies.”