RCPCH responds to UK consultation on youth vaping 

The government has launched a public consultation on youth vaping as part of a series of measures proposed by the Prime Minister to create a 'smoke-free generation'.  
Many vapes scattered on a pink background

The proposals include: 

  • Restricting the flavours and descriptions of vapes so that vape flavours are no longer targeted at children. 
  • Regulating point of sale displays in retail outlets so that vapes are kept out of sight from children and away from products that appeal to them, such as sweets. 
  • Regulating vape packaging and product presentation, ensuring that neither the device nor its packaging is targeted to children. 
  • Considering restricting the sale of disposable vapes, which are clearly linked to the rise in vaping in children.  

 RCPCH VP for Policy & Consultant in Respiratory Paediatrics, Dr Mike McKean said: 

Just as bold action is needed to tackle smoking, so too is it needed to tackle the rise in youth vaping. We’re pleased to see that Government is heeding our warnings on disposable vapes and is now considering a ban, as well as wider restrictions on flavours, packaging, and advertisement.  

We would once again remind the Government that nothing short of a ban on these unsustainable products will adequately protect our children and our planet.