RCPCH stands in solidarity with health workers in Ukraine and calls for protection for children and young people 

Dr Camilla Kingdon, President of RCPCH comments.

We are deeply disturbed by the many reports from Ukraine describing attacks on hospitals, healthcare workers and on children and young people. These actions are in defiance of the Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law and will devastate a generation. 

Reports from Ukraine are alarming. We have seen an orphanage bombed. A Neonatal Unit in Dnipro, eastern Ukraine, was forced to move their patients to a basement bomb shelter. One of the largest children’s hospitals has been directly hit by rocket fire. Children are being traumatised and separated from their families. On behalf of paediatricians and the child health workforce in the UK and globally, we are sending a message of solidarity to our colleagues and friends in Ukraine. We know you are continuing to help those in your care and we stand with you.

We condemn the attacks on Ukraine. We appeal to the international community to ask for swift action to come together to stop the violence and suffering of the Ukrainian people, and provide immediate aid and support to those in need, recognising the specific and life-long impact this violence will have on Ukrainian children and young people.